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Don’t, i repeat don’t….

We might have been carried away with the situations of the day forgetting to appreciate Almighty God for all the good things he has been/still doing in the mist of the storm we find ourselves. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Moses is a graduate with 2:1 who has been 6 years in the streets dropping tones of applications with no responds, he prayed, wished and hope for a call but to no avail. All his mates in the university were doing well, most of them where already married and have begun raising families but here Moses was with nothing to show for, no evidence Luke 11:6.

One day he broke in tears reminiscing on the journey so far. He remembered his best friend Bryan who always worked so hard, encouraged and supported him, giving him a purpose to believe in himself (Moses). Bryan was made for life but he was never a graduate like Moses but “Natural phenomenon” (death) stole him while Moses was in his Final year. Job 21:6

Moses reminisced on one of his encounters with Bryan when he told him “My friend” don’t always take life too serious because she hasn’t smiled on you, don’t always blame God for your predicament, don’t always cry on your situations, don’t always rely on a friend for help, don’t throw the little at your hands for a promise one may not fulfill but Trust in God and His Word for it shall come to pass in your life. Jeremiah 17:5-8, Isaiah 31:1

Moses just smiled and spoke to God: “I know you can hear me for you created me giving me a purpose”. Lord, what i appreciate you for all the little things I’ve failed to acknowledge, i know i have been selfish but i come to thee.

And that was it, he never submitted any applications again, he learned how to take life with the storms it brings. On a faithful Thursday, Moses sat at the sofa wondering nature when his cell beeped as he reached 4 it there where four massages of appointments.

He broke down in tears as what he struggled to achieve was all waiting for him to approach and call for it. His appointment came with juicy benefits that he recovered ten folds of what he ever expected.

*The Message*
Most of us are at our pool of tears, we cry everyday to our situation, we throw away the little we have for a promise by someone. We rely so much on the promises of others forgetting they got responsibilities too. Galatians 6:5, Romans 14:12

I don’t know what has held you down but just know; you’re not alone. Life might have been cruel, people might has disappointed you, your family might have failed you but just know you’re never alone. Just like Job, his whole family rejected him, his friends deserted him but he held on and in a second everything was restored. Job 13:5, Job 42:10-12

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